About the AHCC

The Arabian Horse Club of Connecticut (AHCC) was formed over 45 years ago and is a 501 (c) 5 federally recognized non-profit agricultural organization. The AHCC is the largest Arabian Horse Association recognized club in Region 16 which is composed of Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and, Connecticut. 


The club was developed to help promote, encourage, and stimulate interest in the outstanding qualities of the Arabian and Half-Arabian horse. The club is composed of a wide variety of members who involve themselves with AHCC to help to develop their particular interests and gain a better understanding and appreciation of the versitile breed.


The AHCC extends its welcome to a wide range of club members.  Whether its, local showing or national schowing, trail riding, breeding, or just the passion for the Arabian breed, we welcome all members. We offer a range of memberships to meet your interests.


For years, the AHCC has finished in the top four of the Arabian Horse Association's Club Excellence competition in; Breed promotion, Membership Recruitment/Retention, Communications and Club projects. In 2007, the AHCC won the Communications category with it’s monthly newsletter, The Arabian Script.  In 2008, the AHCC won both the Club Projects category with a DVD of AHCC events throughout that year, as well as AHA’s highest honor Club of the Year.


As a non profit organization, we are always looking for sponsorships to help fund our activities.  We appreciate all of your help and support. Click here for our Sponsorship Menu.


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